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If you're in your 20's + 30's, and looking for people who leave you feeling fulfilled and energized, you've found your place! Finally. Ready to try something new and leave with meaningful connections? Let’s make it happen.
20,000 Already Connected
Variety of Exciting Events
Genuine, Welcoming Vibe
Our goal is to connect 1 million friends.
Why is making friends in adulthood so hard?
At Hot and Social, we believe it should be easy to make friends at any age. With attendees showing up solo, everyone is in the same "boat"- leaving space for genuine, warm connections. You deserve incredible people who align with you.
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What people are saying...
"Every detail was perfectly executed from the venue to the gift bags to the people themselves - flawless. I have attended five H & S events - from Camp Social to the 400-person White Party, Pickleball, Comedy Show, to Hot & Shabbat (I'm not Jewish + always wanted to go, and every event is open to all, which I so appreciate!). Liv and the team make everyone feel so special. I'm so grateful this exists."
- Allison Z.
“I am a 27-year-old guy and the best part was the people. Everyone was so open and willing to make friends and it was such a good vibe! I met cute girls of course but made just as many guy friends, which is really hard because most dudes stay in their packs from college. I've been trying to venture out of hanging with the same guys I've always known and know a lot of guys who feel this way too. Can’t wait for the next one.”
-Sam R.
“I cannot begin to express the impact Hot & Social has had on my life. I moved here with no friends and after just one event, have a full social calendar booked of birthdays, Saturday nights, and people to text. I met new girl and guy friends who I LOVE, thanks to one event with H & S. You changed my world. Thank you so much.”
- Katie J.

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In the concrete jungle, it’s easy to get lost in the chaos. We’re here to personally invite you to the hottest events that your city has to offer, introducing you to the best people waiting to meet you.
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